Graphical Thinking

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Reckless vs Cautious

The top two are my cut paper depictions of the words, and the bottom are real life images that represent the cut paper.

The right column is: Reckless

The left column is: Cautious

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A Classmate’s

by Avery Kiesling

Stable vs Disturbed

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Blind Contour Drawing

Draw what you are looking at, but in one stroke and without looking at your drawing? hmmmm… ok.

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We started drawing with our dominant hands. For me, they were much smaller and constricted in comparison to my non-dominant drawings. With the bigger left handed drawings, there is much more detail, and you can actually tell that it is a hand.

We also experimented with different types of music: Slow vs fast, lyrics vs no lyrics

Mostly left handed drawings:

photo 4 copy

The 2nd left hand:

photo 1 copy 2

More left handed:

photo 2 copy

Close up:

photo 3

Close up:

photo 4

Close up:

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On Jiha Moon


See more of her work:

Jiha Moon’s work is clearly a result of her mixed cultural backgrounds. She takes many different culturally significant factors and materials, then creates one unified piece. All of her pieces of art contain this mixture of color and culture that still seems to become so easily unified.

She focuses mostly on Asian (Korean/Japanese/Chinese) cultures and American cultures. In any one piece you can find images from any Disney movie, Japanese dogs, Hello Kitty, patterns and lettering from the Pennsylvania-Dutch Amish, and much mucccchhh more! It is clear that she is undeniably talented, with beautifully painted scenes and homages to the masterfully created ancient art of China and other parts of Asia. But, she is always on the look out to understand new and exciting cultures…

“Hipsters are on my radar…”


In her words, the pieces are “like diamonds,” with many faucets and sides. She says that the misunderstanding is part of communicating. It is hard to identify things, but that brings humor! The dog looks like a cat? is it Hello Kitty? no!

Moon focuses a lot on color and shapes, and the way that the two elements work together. Most of her pieces have a traditional Korean “fan” shape in the center, with most of the painting taking place inside the shape. She enjoys using bright colors, and using them from different contexts. For instance, one recurring theme is tie dye, but not because of its “hippie” like feelings. In her talk, she mentions that each “thing has its own baggage, they come with it” and they bring their own meaning. In my opinion, that adds so much more depth to her work. This also creates that much more “misunderstanding” because each cross-cultural element has the chance of being misunderstood, or not even being noticed at all, by people in different parts of the world.


Images do not do her justice! Each work of art has layers upon layer upon layers of silk, acrylics, colors, patterns, images, stickers, lace… anything! There are always hidden images as well… you could spend hours looking at one piece and still never see the same thing twice. Some things that look like stickers are actually painted, while some things that look like they are painted are actually stickers!

This one is called the “Little Pennsylvania – Dutch – Korean”


Jiha Moon mentioned that in your work, you must think about your viewer and they way the see your piece. “It’s all about perspective!!” You aren’t going to be able to predict how people will see or understand your art, so you must “fully embrace the viewer and learn to feed off of other people’s desires.”

Valentines Project

Section One:

My valentine is a hanging mobile that focuses on a realistic looking human heart. The mobile has 3 layers: the top layer of clouds and small sparking beads, a middle layer of small lightweight words, and the third layer that contains the human heart. The last layer is supposed to be the main section of the mobile, representing the physical functions of the heart, and the body’s electrical wiring. The heart is connected to electrical wires, clamps, pins, and other objects.

The top and bottom layers of the mobile show a great deal of contrast, one is fluffy and “nice,” while the other is jagged and more “harsh.” In real life, and real love, there is both good and bad.

The small middle layer is the required text: “I wouldn’t be me without you.”

As a whole, I wanted the mobile to suggest a sense of the fact that there are many things that go into making someone who they really are. In the beginning, we all start out with our physical bodies (the heart) but there is little personal character or “soul” to them. As time progresses, we slowly collect pieces from the outside world that we use to make us who we are. We add to ourselves as we grow, using new parts that we find to become our true selves- whether they are good or bad.

In the case of a valentine, the heart shows that our once singular untouched self grows and becomes something new. The heart before was plain, and functioned normally by itself, but with these outside influences (the love of the valentine) it claims new characteristics. My valentine is to my boyfriend, because without being part of him, I would be someone else entirely. Since I met him, I have been exposed to new things and ideas, and have learned from new experiences. I have taken what I learned, and claimed this new knowledge as part of who I am. Without him, I would not be the same person that I am today.

Section Two:

When I first started this project, I immediately knew two things: that I wanted to show the physical heart, and that I wanted it to be hanging in a mobile. First I made a sketch of a two layered mobile, and then scribbled words off to the side that were potential materials or ideas.

The weekend after being assigned the project, I set about to making the heart itself (which ended up being the easiest part of the whole project). With two latex castings from a cooking mold of a heart, I used liquid latex, some cotton, and some foam, to attach the heart together and attempt to make it look natural. Once that dried, I began painting it. I planned to use an airbrush, but soon realized that I would not be able to get the details that I wanted. Later on, I noticed that the paint does not like staying on the latex, especially around the seams of the heart.

A few days later, after I gathered all my supplies, I went to the art building to piece it all together. I started with the bones of the mobile-the string and wire.

Unfortunately…. I did not have access to wire cutting tools…. so breaking it with my hands was no fun! And bending it all into place was just as wonderful.

I also found out that the art building has AMAZING air circulation… which meant that the mobile was constantly spinning and swirling around as I tried to tie all those tiny clear string knots. I had sooo much fun doing that!

In the end, my project didnt come out exactly as planned, but nothing usually does. I am happy with my valentines. I think that over time my ideas progressed and changed as I worked. The materials and time that I had acess too also changed the way my project turned out. I found out that objects balance differently in reality than they do in a drawing on paper… I also used less wire, and attached fewer things with the clear string as a result of its difficulty to work with, etc.

Section Three:

If I had an unlimited budget to work with… I think I would begin my creating a larger space for the mobile to be viewed in. I want the mobile to be seen on a blank background, because many of the pieces are small and become invisible. If I had a large cube with natural lighting, I would be very happy! of course, there are endless changes that I would make as I continued to work with an unlimited budget! So I could never predict them all.

Edit: removed images, added video.

I apologize for the poor video quality. I filmed in HD, and the video quality looks fantastic on my computer…unfortunately YouTube doesn’t seem to want the video to be nice (No matter how many times I re-upload it or try and fix it!). So now it lags, is blurry, and has a very poor image quality… 😦

Chair In Class

When I first started my chair, I measured out all the lines, angles, shades, thicknesses… blah blah…all of that technical stuff. I connected all the dots, drew my lines, stepped back…. and…. nothing! I didnt have any connection to my chair! I couldnt see any of my character in it, it wasnt mine!

So…. I went in to the art building the other day and smugged away all my lines and angles. Then, I began putting more emotion into my lines, adding larger swooping curves! Not just straight lines.. curves! With emotion and feeling! I focused more on how the lines felt through my own perception, rather than how they technically appeared.

But, my skills are still minimal… and I have much to learn!

In about an hour or so I will be back working on my chair, and hopefully I will be able to make this chair look like me!

Here is the current progression:

Day #1


Day #2- It looks like a chair… but where is the character?


Day #3


Later on in Day #3- Adding some curves, and lifeImage



Jan 30, 2013:

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January 18, 2013: Introduction

An Introduction to Me.
To describe who I am in two sentences?
To find one image that represents me…?
It would be impossible. Each person has many sides of their own personalities that come and go like seasons… fading and falling into one another, leaving traces of the past to remain in the present.
…And some sides may even stay hidden from the public’s eye, to be kept inside for ones own personal discretion, whether good or bad.
As for me, I believe many people would sum me up as a hard working, mostly even tempered girl with an eagerness for life, and a suppressed spirit of adventure that tries to escape whenever possible. I day dream about all the places I will be able to see in the future, all the experiences that I may soon have but cannot yet imagine, and all the possibilities that the world may hold for us.
About me.. tomorrow is my 19th birthday, I love photography, I love to travel, I hopefully will double major in Economics and International Relations, I was born in California, both of my parents are Marines, I have one younger sister, an amazing family, and I am very very lucky.
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 1.26.27 PM
This compilation of photos from my life represents who I am by their unconventional nature. Just like each person has many sides to who they are, each one of these pictures helps make up a portion of who I am.
Also, each image is from a place that is very important to me, and who I am.
~Ashley Cloud